• Historically, schools have used "lockdowns" as the primary means of securing a building. While lockdowns are useful in most situations, it should not be the only option available for response. By limiting access into, out of and within the school, students and staff are stationary with limited opportunity to escape, should there be a violent intruder.

    Run, Hide, Fight is an intruder response plan where staff and students assess the situation and respond on which option is best.  As the name implies, if a violent intruder comes into a school, the response could be to run to a safe place, or hide in a locked area, or attempt to stop the intruder as a last resort with items found in the school.
    “We want staff to know that Run, Hide, Fight is about options.
    No single response fits with all situations, but we want them to know this is another option so that they can respond appropriately. We want everyone to be prepared.”
    -Terri Moses, Executive Director of Safety Services

    Run, Hide, Fight is supported by Kansas Safe and Prepared Schools, the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  

Watch the Run, Hide, Fight Video Here:

  • Key Points:


    • If there is an escape route, move quickly to a safe area
    • If staff is present, follow their instructions
    • Escape by exits or windows
    • Leave your belongings behind
    • Help others escape
    • Prevent and warn others along the way about the danger

    • Hide until help arrives
    • Lock and/or barricade your door
    • Silence all electronic devices
    • Hide behind large objects
    • Remain calm and quiet
    • Your hiding place should be out of attacker's view, provide protection, not trap or restrict your options for movement
    • Fight as a last resort
    • Attempt to incapacitate the attacker
    • Improvise weapons, use any means
    • Commit to your actions