Educational Requirements

  • Welcome to the Wichita Public Schools District’s Program of Studies and Educational Requirements in High School guide. This booklet offers a listing and a description of the many courses offered in Wichita high schools. Planning your high school program is a serious matter. Not every course is offered in every high school and we have tried to indicate that by including special programs in the listings. Also, not every course will be offered each year due to the level of student interest and the availability of staff to teach the subject. Requirements for post secondary options and programs have been included to assist you in your planning.

    The purpose of this booklet is to assist you in two areas:

    1. Provide you with the information necessary to plan your high school course of study. This plan allows you to consider all of the things you MUST do as well as all of the things you WANT to do, such as connecting to your future career goals.
    2. Provide you with current information regarding course options available to you during the coming school. If you have a plan, these courses should help you achieve your desired outcomes from high school.

    The course selections you make now can have a great influence on what you do after graduation. We encourage students and parents to read carefully the information contained in this guide. Do not hesitate to ask questions of the school counselor or your teachers. Above all, remember that the choices you make now will influence your future. Make them carefully.


    Before making course selections, be sure to read (or reread) all of the sections that apply to you.

    • Remember that it is the student's responsibility to assure that all requirements are met according to the district's guidelines.
    • If you are anticipating attending college and playing college sports, you should also be sure to read the sections pertaining to the Board of Regents Requirements and the NCAA Eligibility.