• Flyer Distribution in the Wichita Public Schools


    Thank you for your interest in flyer distribution to USD 259 students.


    To obtain permission to distribute flyers or similar requests within the Wichita Public Schools, all requests must be reviewed and approved through the Strategic Communications Division. Please review our flyer distribution guidelines below for more information. Submitted requests with required documentation will be reviewed weekly.





Flyer Guidelines

  • Flyer Distribution to Students & Parents: Procedures & Guidelines

    Pursuant to BOE Policy P6100, USD 259 permits community groups to distribute materials to students and parents that are consistent with the District’s educational mission.


    To obtain permission to distribute flyers or similar requests within the Wichita Public Schools, all requests must comply with the guidelines listed herein and will be reviewed and approved by the Strategic Communications Division. Submitted requests with required documentation will be reviewed weekly.


    The following materials must be submitted a minimum of THREE WEEKS prior to the desired distribution date via email, fax, U.S. mail, or drop off for consideration of distribution.

    • Sample of flyer or material intended for distribution.
      • EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2014: All flyers must include the following disclaimer statement:  
      • NOTICE: USD 259 neither sponsors nor endorses the organization or activity represented in this document and the content or views expressed herein are solely that of the organization shown. USD 259 permits the distribution of material such as this on a nondiscriminatory basis regarding matters of potential interest to students and parents.
    • Complete contact information on fax cover sheet or email message or business card which includes your first and last name, company/organization name, address with zip and a phone & fax number.


    Below is the contact information for sending materials for approval of distribution to district campuses:

                Email:              distribution@usd259.net

                Fax:                  316-973-4612

                US Mail:          Wichita Public Schools

                                        Strategic Communications

                                        903 S. Edgemoor

                                        Wichita, KS 67218


    If the flyer or request is approved, an approval letter along with a list of schools will be provided that reflects student enrollment numbers at each school site. It will be the responsibility of the individual to get the information to the school(s) of their choice. To facilitate distribution at individual sites, the flyer request should be bundled in packages of twenty-five (25). Information will NOT be distributed via email, and the District is unable to make copies of printed materials, copies will be the responsibility of those wishing to distribute materials.


    Please note:

    1. Per BOE Policy P6100, individuals, companies, or organizations who desire to distribute materials of an educational nature through USD 259 must first receive approval of the materials for distribution.
    2. Suitable materials of an informational nature will not be denied distribution simply because the sponsor is religious in nature.
    3. Approval of any additional flyers or distribution requests throughout the school year is required.
    4. Approval of distribution requests will be on a yearly basis beginning with the start of a new school year and all requests must be resubmitted.
    5. Approval for distribution does not guarantee distribution within a particular building. Approval by Marketing indicates that the content of the material is suitable for distribution, but distribution remains subject to the distribution practices within any particular building (i.e., not all buildings permit distribution of flyers and individual buildings may have other non-content based procedures regarding distribution.


    Flyers and other requests that companies/organizations wish to distribute must meet the following guidelines:

    • Must be educational in nature or complimentary or supportive of the overall educational development students
    • Must be informational and non-proselytizing in nature
    • No corporate promotion or for-profit advertising
    • No promotion for dances, parties, etc.
    • No posting by companies/organizations that have policies or promote activities that are inconsistent with the mission and/or policies of the Wichita Public Schools.
    • No political materials, endorsements, walk-outs, demonstration notices, etc.


    Links below are Board of Education policies related to community distribution requests for the Wichita Public Schools:

    P1410 Financial Campaigns and Money Raising Projects

    P2125 Partner Activities

    P6100 Distribution of Free and Inexpensive Materials

    P6715 Student Publications


    For approval of fund raising opportunities, please contact the building principal at the school(s) of your choice.


    For additional information, please contact Strategic Communications at 316-973-4515.

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