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    Create a successful future through self-knowledge, exploration, and planning. Xello helps students discover the unique pathway that’s right for them using an investigative, discovery-based learning process that opens minds to exciting possibilities. As students gain self-knowledge through assessments and reflection, they save careers, schools, programs, and experiences to form a vibrant, visual roadmap that’s easy to update and share. 


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    NEWSFLASH!! The CCC put together Career Information Sessions during the spring of 2018. These sessions were held during lunch or during advocacy and focused on a particular career field. All students were invited However, freshmen who matched with one of the specific career fields in which a session was being offered when they completed XELLO received a pass and should attend. STAY TUNED FOR SPRING 2019 DATES!!!


    Dates and times for the sessions will be posted in the hallways and in future announcements.

    • Monday, January 8th: The Medical Field presented by Newman University (advocacy in Lecture Hall)

    • Wednesday, January 17th: Horticulture, Farming, Landscape Design presented by the Sedgwick County Extension Office (advocacy in Lecture Hall)

    • Thursday, January 25th: Digital Arts, Animation, Filmmaking, Video Game Design presented by WSU’s Shocker Studios (advocacy in Lecture Hall)

    • Tuesday, January 30th: Law & Police Science presented by the Wichita Bar Association (lunchtime in the CCC)

    • Wednesday, January 31st: Athletic Training & Sports Management presented by the YMCA (advocacy in Lecture Hall)

    • Tuesday, February 6th: Forestry, Recreation & Wildlife Studies presented by Pratt Community College (advocacy in the CCC)

    • Thursday, February 8th: Teaching presented by USD 259 (advocacy in Lecture Hall)

    • Thursday, February 22nd: Construction & Hands-on Trades presented by Conco Construction (advocacy in Lecture Hall)

    • Monday, April 9th: The Helping Professions  presented by North staff (advocacy in Lecture Hall)