• 6th Grade Student of the Month

    Adalberto Macias is a very responsible, motivated and hard-working student. He always comes to class ready to learn, with a smile on his face, and a dedication to doing his best. He is a model student who sets a positive example for his peers. He can be counted on to be responsible, honest, appreciative and is a pleasure to have in class. He is very approachable, friendly to classmates and teachers and is an asset to Coleman Middle School! Congratulations, Adalberto!


    7th Grade Student of the Month

    The student we chose this month, is Lillian Saykham. Lillian is a student that teachers would like to have a classroom full of.  She comes into the room and starts on whatever the task is that is sat in front of her.  Lillian is a quiet student, who works hard, doesn’t complain, and is very positive.  Lillian completes all her work and will go above if she has extra time.  She has worked hard enough to move up a tier level in math and it is bittersweet to lose her from class, but excited that she is getting promoted.  She gets along well with classmates and has a great smile. I am honored to nominate Lillian for 7th Grade October Student of the Month.


    8th Grade Student of the Month

     Berenice Macias

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SOM 7th
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