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    What is an AVID Tutor?

    AVID is a system that targets potential college students who need support. AVID prepares these students by teaching them college readiness skills. Students are enrolled in advanced courses and given academic support through tutors.
    Tutors are key to the success of the AVID program. Tutors from area colleges and universities are trained to use specific teaching methodologies and materials to work with AVID students. Tutors work with AVID students in study groups and individually, assisting them in all academic areas to make progress commensurate with college expectations. Tutoring in AVID is different from any job you have held before. Being part of a program at the forefront of education is highly challenging and requires extraordinary commitment, yet its rewards are many. More than anything else, tutoring in AVID is the best preparation possible for a career in teaching or in any other job which is people oriented.


    What are the responsibilities of an AVID Tutor?   

    AVID tutors assist students achieve their full potential by facilitating collaborative tutorial groups. Tutors use Socratic questioning and collaborative learning techniques to help the students come up with the answers to their questions on their own and by working with fellow students. AVID tutorials take place in small groups that are subject area specific. As an AVID tutor, you are an active participant in the learning, growth, and personal development of students.


    Essential Performance Responsibilities

    • Conducts tutorial sessions that underscore the principle of collaborative learning and the practice of students teaching other students through discussion of class and text notes
    • Determines from student tutorial worksheets, notes, and discussions the concepts that need to be the focus of tutorial sessions
    • Allows students to shoulder the responsibility for their own active learning while guiding them with strategies that they will become accustomed to using independently
    • Reinforces the idea that learning extends far beyond mere studying to form the basis for long-term accomplishments
    • Assists students in any subject area, by being familiar with students’ textbooks and materials and AVID classroom resources
    • Evaluates student binders, including calendars, class and textbook notes, and learning logs
    • Assists in teaching study skills and other aspects of college preparation
    • Takes responsibility for the tone and atmosphere of the AVID classroom
    • Acknowledges the individuality of all AVID students and works to develop their academic and personal pride
    • Assists the AVID coordinator as requested, such as contacting teachers regarding course outlines and assignment schedules, helping with field trips, contacting parents, etc.
    • Assists in developing a resource file of enrichment materials for use in tutorial sessions
    • Communicates regularly with AVID coordinator/teaching regarding student progress and areas of concern
    • Conduct mini-lessons in the process of writing in all subject areas, study skills, and other aspects of college preparations
    • Sets an example of personal excellence and high expectations for AVID students to follow


    Who can become an AVID Tutor?

    Students enrolled or attending a college or university, and in good standing, are eligible to interview for an AVID Tutor position. 


    How do I apply?

    Do you have the AVID-tude that it takes to be an AVID Tutor?

    APPLY TODAY!  AVID Tutor Application