• North High School Counselors



    Carlos Cottner 

    School Counselor 


    (316) 973-6323 

    Academy 2 / A115 



    About Me: This is my 17th year of being a counselor at North High School. Before I became a counselor, I was a history teacher at West High School. My hobbies include weight lifting and anything athletic. I also enjoy traveling to major cities and experiencing big city life. 


    Why I Love North: I love North because the kids are funny and polite. Also, we have very supportive parents.


    Education:   Wichita State University 

                         Wichita State University,  





    Claudia Griffith 

    School Counselor


    (316) 973-6322

    Academy 4 / A111 


    About Me:  My work as a counselor in USD 259 began in 2002. Before that I held a number of jobs, with the common thread of helping others. The best part of my career as a School Counselor is assisting students as they begin to develop their future story.  It is exciting to walk beside them as they are discovering their unique gifts, abilities, and passions. I have numerous hobbies, ranging from reading to hiking to construction (that one reluctantly). I have two dogs, including Lucy who is a therapy dog at North, 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  


    Why I Love North: 


    Education:       Seattle Pacific College 

                            Wichita State University,  MEd Counseling     




    Miguel Sabas-Perez 

    School Counselor 


    (316) 973-6320 

    Academy 3 / A113



    About Me: I’ve been at North for four years. Currently, my hobbies revolve around whatever my two daughters want to do. I am a huge WSU Shocker’s fan. My favorite candy is peanut M&M’s.


    Why I Love North: The thing I love about North is the rich history and traditions. I especially enjoy attending North High pep assemblies.


    Education:  Wichita State University,

                       Wichita State University,  MEd Counseling            




    J. Logan Stork 

    School Counselor 


    (316) 973-6192 

    Academy 1 / A117 


    About Me: This is my 9th year North High. I served as the College Career Center Coordinator at North for five years before transitioning to school counseling. My goal is to help students be successful in school by providing academic guidance and social/emotional support. Some of my favorite things to do outside of school include spending time with my family and five-year-old son, being outdoors, traveling, watching movies, listening to music, making art, practicing Spanish and gardening. Also, I have one cat and six chickens!


    Why I Love North: North High students have spirit and grit. My favorite North High memory is signing the Tower with the Class of 2015, my first year at North. I loved being a part of the signing tradition.


    Education:  San Francisco State University, BA Art History

                        Wichita State University, BS Spanish 

                        Wichita State University, MEd Counseling






    Laura Vitolas 

    School Counselor 


    (316) 973-6249 

    Academy 5 / A103 



    About Me: This is my 5th year at North High, but 9th year as a counselor. I have been working for several years in various schools in the North End community. This is where I feel at home. I share many of our students and family's background and that is why I feel that I can relate to our students and make more of a difference in our community. My philosophy in life is that we are all equal and all have the same privilege and opportunity to attain a good education for a brighter future. This is the reason I am here to help our students, no matter what the obstacles life throws at us. SI SE PUEDE! I have two teenagers that keep me busy out of school. I love spending time with my family and traveling to new places!


    Why I Love North: North High students and families are my family. I have known some of you for years and seen our students grow into young, amazing adults. My reward as a counselor is to see my students excel in life and go beyond their own expectations.


    Education:  Wichita State University, MEd Counseling




    Taylor Mires

    School Counselor 


    (316) 973-6313 




    About Me: This will be my second year at North High in a unique counseling position. I get the opportunity to really focus on the social and emotional needs of our students here. Some of my favorite things to do are play and coach basketball, travel to new places and make wreaths. 


    Why I Love North: The environment here at North is different than any other, the staff and students are welcoming and so much fun to be around.  


    Education:  Tabor College, BA in Psychology; BA Behavioral Science

                          Wichita State University, MEd Counseling








     About Me: My name is Lucy and I am a Therapy Dog. I hang out in Academy 4.