• 6th Grade Student of the Month

    Tri Vu has been nominated as student of the month for December. The sixth grade team decided to nominate him based off of his work ethic in class and behavior both in and outside of the classroom. Tri is a very hard worker, always getting his work done on time, asking for help when he needs it, and even using his lunch and recess time to get MATHia workspaces completed. Tri is always prepared for class and ready to learn, not only that but he does an outstanding job of participating, by answering questions, working with a partner, or working in groups. Tri is also very respectful he is always greeting teachers and asking if they need help cleaning their room. He is helpful to his classmates by encouraging them to get their work done, helping them if they don’t understand, and just being extremely friendly to everyone he meets.


    7th Grade Student of the Month

    The 7th Grade Team is delighted to recognize this month's Student of the Month. She is a student that possesses a positive demeanor and always looks at situations as an opportunity for growth. Despite hitting some barriers, this student always presses on and overcomes the obstacles before her. This trait allows for academic excellence and limitless future potential. In addition to academics, this student cares well for the people around her. In many cases she looks to others' interests before her own and even helps a student daily with carrying her stuff to the next class. She does all of this while ensuring her work is done too. Jannatul Bakhtiar, you make all of your teachers proud as you display your Coleman PRIDE each and every day! Congratulations on all of your hard work!


    8th Grade Student of the Month

    8th grade student of the month is an overall phenomenal student. He started off the year in a Math 8 class and did exceptionally well. He was moved to Algebra 1 later in the year. He showed so much improvement in a semester. When teachers talk about Logan they immediately smile and say "he is a great kid!" You will see Logan working with others. His willingness to help his peers does not go unnoticed by teachers. He is curious about his learning and this is evident in the questions he asks. Teachers appreciate that, when he is completed with his assignments, he will always find a book to read. The 8th grade student of the month for the month of December is Logan Eklund!!

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