• 6th Grade Student of the Month

    Nichole Lindahl is a student who over and over again demonstrates Coleman Pride. She always puts forth her best effort while also genuinely showing a desire to grow and learn. Nichole treats her peers and teachers with respect. Nichole is funny, kind, and cares deeply about those around her. I can always count on her to support her classmates when they are struggling with something. Even when an assignment or task proves to be challenging for Nichole, she gives it her all and does not quit. Nichole is a rockstar student who deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work.


    7th Grade Student of the Month

    Missael is a model student who demonstrates Coleman PRIDE on a daily basis! He comes to class each day with a good attitude, prepared, organized, and ready to do his best on whatever task he’s given. He’s well respected by his peers and many of them look up to him and admire him. He leads through example, carrying himself with a quiet dignity throughout the day. His teachers are proud of all he does and we’re happy to honor him as a top 7th grader! 


    8th Grade Student of the Month

    All teachers will say that Jacquasia Dubose is a hard worker. She will work ahead and complete all of her assignments. Jacquasia will self advocate for herself.

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7th Jan. SOM
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