• Employee Referral Bonus


    Step 1: Tell your friends about our hard-to-fill certified positions.

    Refer a qualified, certified individual not currently employed with Wichita Public Schools for one of our Elementary, Math, Science, or Special Education Teaching positions.


    Step 2: Let us know who you referred.

    Fill out the following form to let us know who you referred to Wichita Public Schools and for which position: https://www.cognitoforms.com/WichitaPublicSchools6/EmployeeReferralBonusWichitaPublicSchools


    Step 3: The referred applicant gives you credit for referring them.

    Make sure who you referred gives you credit on their employment application. Employment applications can be found here: https://www.applitrack.com/wichita/onlineapp/default.aspx The employee will need to include your name on the page titled, “Referral Source.”


    All employees are eligible ro recieve a referral bonus with the EXCEPTION of the following:

    • District Leadership
    • Employees whose regular, recurring, jobs include the recruitment of employees
    • Hiring Manager/Principal/Supervisor or toher persons associated with the selection of the candidate
    • All Human Resources department employees
    • Family members, as defined by current nepotism guidelines


    Step 4: Get paid!

    If the person you referred gets hired, your bonus will be paid after they have successfully completed one year of employment.

    • $100 for successful Elementary Teaching placements
    • $200 for successful Math or Science Teaching placements
    • $300 for successful Special Education Teaching placements


    Additional Resources

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    Questions? Contact Human Resources at 973-4605 or humanresources@usd259.net