• What day does your child's class go to the library? 

    Library books are due on the following days of the week.


    Monday: Gonzalez (3rd), Martinez (2nd), Baeza (5th), Bender (1st), Valenciana (K)

    Tuesday: Borjon (3rd), Limon (2nd), Ramirez (4th), Wullschleger (K), Griswold (K)

    Wednesday:Vasquez (3rd), Delgado (4th), Baeza (5th)

    Thursday: Alvarado (2nd), Lucio (5th), Antiga (4th), Salgado (K), Balcacer (1st)

    Friday: Ramstack (5th), Sandoval (1st)


    MS during ELA

    6th Grade Classes: Wednesday- Strong & Williams; Friday- Teter

    7th Grade Classes: Monday- Teter; Tuesday- Strong; Friday- Williams

    8th Grade Classes: Wednesday- Strong; Thursday- Williams; Friday- Teter