• Long-Term Goals




    To prepare all students to be future ready and empower them to dream, believe and achieve, Wichita Public Schools is in relentless pursuit of four long-term goals that will change the trajectory for our students.High school graduates

    One   Increase the high school graduation rate.

         By 2025, high school graduation rates will increase from 74% to 80%.

     Two Increase 3rd grade reading proficiency.

        By 2025, 3rd grade reading state assessment score for proficiency levels 3 and 4 will increase from 21.93% to 44%.

    Three  Increase certifications and college credit

         By 2025, 70% of seniors will graduate with a diploma and one or more market value assets.

      Four Ensure that schools are trusted as safe places by students, parents, staff and community.

          By 2025, an approval rate of 90% or higher from staff, students and parents will be achieved and maintained in all safety categories.