• Strategic Plan Long Term Goals




    To prepare all students to be future ready and empower them to dream, believe and achieve, Wichita Public Schools is in relentless pursuit of four long-term goals that will change the trajectory for our students.High school graduates

    One   Increase the high school graduation rate.

         By 2023, high school graduation rates will increase from 74% to 80%.

     Two Increase 3rd grade reading proficiency.

        By 2023, 3rd grade reading proficiency will increase from 21.93% to 44% on the Kansas State Assessments.

    Three  Increase certifications and college credit

         By 2023, the number of graduating seniors who complete a rigorous career pathway and certifications through CTE will increase by 10%, from 897 to 986.

      Four Ensure that schools are trusted as safe places by students, parents, staff and community.

          By 2023, an approval rate of 90% or higher from staff, students and parents will be achieved and maintained in all safety categories.