• Strategic Themes



    Our plan to ensure all students are future ready will be shaped around seven strategic themes. The annual objectives and action items established within each theme will challenge the district community to stretch further and think differently about the work we must do to support and inspire our students. 

    Ensure success



    Meaningful and challenging curriculum and instruction are key to achieving success for all learners. From research-based early literacy goals to focus on the achievement gap, to the unique needs of extraordinary learners, we will align work across the district to ensure that WPS performs at the highest level.

    Prepare for College and Career



    The opportunities provided to WPS students to be future ready are unparalleled. We will allow students to choose how to turn what they like to do into what they want to become through career pathways, magnet schools, nationally-recognized programs and community partnerships.

    Support the Whole Child


    Each student has worth and dignity and is valued and understood through essential social, emotional and behavioral supports. We will cultivate a sense of belonging and a focus on safe school facilities to create a safe and secure learning experience.

    Invest in Staff




    Purpose-driven employees are essential to the success of Wichita students. We will empower our area's most effective leaders, teachers and staff to support Wichita's children through a positive district culture, high-quality professional development and meaningful recruitment and retention strategies.

    Engage Families and Community




    WPS benefits from the vibrant engagement of families, community partners and business leaders focused on student success. We will create and maintain relationships through a commitment to customer service and meaningful community involvement.

    Communicate to Build Trust


     Wichitans are invested in our community's schools. We will commit to transparent communication between the district and stakeholders at all levels as the essential element to maintain trust and confidence in our district. 


    Align Resources and Infrastructure 


    Research shows that Kansas schools are some of our country's most efficient public schools. We will focus on efficiency through alignment of systems and resources to ensure that facilities are well maintained and that adequate resources are devoted to schools and classrooms to directly support teachers and students.