• Shared Beliefs



    Student SuccessStudent writing

    • Each student has value and worth and deserves a high-quality education that develops their natural skills, abilities and talents.
    • Each student can and will learn, and it is worth the effort to ensure that learning occurs.
    • High expectations are essential for success.

    Safety and Belonging

    • Each student should be valued and understood.
    • Everyone has worth and dignity and is treated with respect.
    • A safe, quality learning experience is essential for every child, every day, everywhere.

    Family and Community Collaboration

    • All staff, families, students and community partners are responsible for students’ academic, social and behavioral success.

    Visionary Leadership

    • Our culture will encourage innovation and taking risks.
    • Effective, accountable leaders attract and retain top talent leading to positive student outcomes.
    • Change is inevitable and necessary; our response is intentional.

    Civic Engagement

    • Public education is the foundation of functional citizenship, financial well-being, and productive participation as a member of our society.

    Equity and Diversity

    • Our students have a richer experience because they learn in a diverse environment where the world walks in our hallways.
    • All students should have access to research-based, rigorous, culturally-relevant curriculum programs.
    • Every student is entitled to adequate, equitable opportunities, resources and services.