• 1. Guided Access-   

    This allows you to control which features are available to a user on an ipad. To start guided access, triple - click the home button in the app you want your user to use. You can lock a user in an app for a period of time or until you unlock the ipad they are using. 

     How to set up Guided Access. this must be done on the iPad the student's ipad

    1. Click on settings> General > Accessibility > Guided Access > turn your guided access on.

    2.Open up an app (like Nearpod) on the ipad that you have set up guided access on. Triple click the home button and determine if you want to set a time limit or not. If you do not set up a time limit, you can unlock the ipad when the student is done. Click start, enter a code that you will remember (make sure you remember your code because no one else well) and your student will be unable to get out of the app until you unlock their ipad. 

    3. When done, be sure to unlock this ipad for the next person to use. 


    2. Apple classroom or classroom - Remote control of iPads, screen view, mute students, send them images or websites

    Students only need bluetooth turned on and teacher needs to downlowd the Apple classroom app. 

    1. Students open settings and classroom will appear. They select classroom, add their name, then enter the code. Teacher will select add when all students are in. This is basically Smartsync for the ipad.
    2. You can send them to a website, lock their screen, you can view their screen, observe their screen, you can group your students to create center rotations and control those groups, you can airdrop the same image to them, you can also search students browser history this way.
    3. Make sure kids are getting on the same ipad each time they come to your class so that they automatically connect each time. They will only need to connect the first time and once this happens, every other time they connect, it will be automatic