• Regular school attendance is required of all pupils enrolled in school and is very important for maximum learning. Parents should encourage regular attendance, except in case of illness. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school by 9:30 a.m. when a child is absent.




    Fun Attendance Facts:

    Chronic Absence = Missing two or more days per month

    Research shows students who miss 10 percent of school, or two days per month, show negative academic progress. In some schools, that adds up to 18 days a school year and is considered to be chronic absence.


    Every Minute Matters

    If a student is 10 minutes late to school each day, this adds up to missing more than 33 hours of class time. A student with a 90 percent attendance average for Kindergarten through 12th grade will miss over a year of accumulated time in the classroom.  

Dismissing Children to persons other than parents

  • Children will not be dismissed to anyone other than the parent, legal guardian, or an emergency contact person, unless the school is notified otherwise (by a parent/guardian). 


    Please help us protect the instructional time of students in our classrooms.   We request that you refrain from asking for early dismissal unless there is an emergency in your family, or your child has a scheduled doctor’s appointment.  Students will not be dismissed early after 4:20 p.m.


    If your child is being picked up by someone different, please write a note to the teacher.  If we do not receive notification, the classroom teacher will follow the normal routine for your child.

Dress Code

  • The way children dress affects the way they perform and behave at school.  If a child is dressed in such a manner that it disrupts learning, parents will be notified. 


    • Clothing with inappropriate wording, pictures, or graphics will not be allowed. 
    • Outrageous hairstyles which may include bright hair dyes should be reserved for special Spirit Days, Halloween, etc.
    • Shorts and skirts should not be shorter than mid-thigh.
    • Sleeveless shirts must have straps of at least 2 inches.


    Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.  For the comfort and safety of children, as well as maintaining quality facilities, we ask that rubber or soft soled shoes be worn during physical education classes.  It is also suggested that shorts be worn under dresses and skirts.