How to Request a Transcript

  • Students may need a transcript for a variety of reasons. Colleges and universities require an official student transcript before one can be fully admitted to school. Many scholarships students apply for require unofficial transcripts to be sent to their organizations. Moreover, many insurance companies give discounts for good grades, and they require a copy of your transcript in order for you to receive them! There are two ways students can order transcripts: Xello and Parchment.


     If you are a Heights junior or senior and you want to send your transcript to the colleges you are applying to, you will utilize Xello*. Xello allows you to send your official Heights transcript to any university/college in the United States for FREE! If you want to send your transcript to an outside organization, you will utilize Parchment.  Instructions on how to order both transcripts can be seen in the videos below.


    **Alumni Transcripts: Visit the USD 259 Student Records Office to order transcripts. More information can be found at 


    *For instructions on how to log into your Xello account, click here*

How to Order Transcripts Through Xello

How to Order Transcripts Through Parchment

  • Click on the picture below to watch a YouTube video on how to order transcripts through Parchment! For a PDF with step-by-step instructions, click here

    *Note: alumni are NOT able to order transcripts through Parchment. Please see the section below to order a transcript if you are a USD 259 alumni. 




    Click on the icon below to create your Parchment account today!


    Cost to Send Parchment Transcripts to Outside Organizations:

    Student Transcript               

    Personal View Transcript  - Free


    Official Transcript - $4.15 each*


    *Fee waivers are available to current students who qualify for free/reduced lunch. See the College and Career Coordinator or submit a meeting request ASAP to request up to four free Parchment transcripts.

    Requests are normally processed within 2-3 business days.


Viewing Unofficial and Official Transcripts

  • Once you initially set up your Parchment account, you'll be able to view your unofficial transcript by clicking on the picture above the "Order" button. Mrs. Lacey recommends that you save your unofficial transcript as a PDF on your computer. This way, you can print off your transcript for any organization that requests it, or you can send it to them via e-mail. If your organization requires you to send an official transcript, please follow the instructions on the "How To Order Transcripts Through Parchment" video above.

Reviewing and Sending Transcripts to Colleges/Universities

  • Most colleges require students to send two official transcripts: one while you're still in school and one AFTER you graduate. The first transcript is sent as part of the initial application process using Xello, and the second one contains your final posted grades for all 8 semesters.  You can use Xello to send both your current and final transcripts to the colleges you're attending. Final official transcripts for graduating seniors are available approximately 7-10 days after the graduation date.


     *Make sure you log in to Xello and send your college/university a final transcript AFTER you graduate!!!*