ACT Registration

  • Taking the ACT is paramount for college admission. Most four year universities require students to submit official ACT scores as part of the application process.* Additionally, a student's ACT score may make him/her eligible for certain academic scholarships, which oftentimes is the largest amount of aid students receive from their respective colleges. Finally, taking the ACT is required to apply for early high school graduation. 


    Testing at Heights is offered on the second Saturday in September, December, February, and April; it is offered on the fourth Saturday in October as well. Pay close attention as the registration deadlines for these dates are generally 3-4 weeks before the test date! You can register for the ACT by clicking here. Students may also register for the ACT with Mr. Ghitis in the CCC. Pay attention to the announcments for registration deadlines!


    In order to register for the ACT, you will need to have your unofficial transcript available. Instructions for viewing your unofficial transcript can be found here. It is expected that Heights students take the ACT at least once by the end of their junior year. You can take the ACT test once a month starting as early as your sophomore year. 


    The cost of the ACT is $50.50 (no Writing) or $67.00 (with optional Writing test). If you register late, there is an additional $29.50 fee, so make sure you register on time! Eligible students qualify to take the ACT twice for free through the ACT Waiver. See the "Fee Waivers" tab to see if you qualify for the ACT Waiver. 


    Heights ACT Code: 173-212

    Heights Test Center Code (October - April only): 176-290

    *Note: Students may also choose to take the SAT, which is often required for admission into east/west coast schools but is not as popular in the midwest. If you're interested in taking the SAT, please see Mr. Ghitis for more information.

ACT Preparation

  • Free ACT Prep Options though the District

    1. Heights students now have access to free ACT Prep Classes through Edgenuity, USD 259’s provider of K-12 online education. All students grades 9-12 will have access to these courses (ACT Science, ACT Reading, ACT Math, and ACT English w/ Writing) through their Single-Sign On-Rapid ID portal.  In order to be enrolled in these classes, students will need to meet with the College and Career Coordinator, Mr. Ghitis. Schedule an appointment with Mr. Ghitis here.
      • This class is not for a grade and cannot be used to earn credit. If a student enrolls in one or all of the ACT Prep Classes, the student's guardians will receive weekly e-mails about his/her progress in that course. These e-mails are merely informational and are not indiciatve of any grade the student is earning in the course(s).


           2. ACT Practice booklet (see Mr. Ghitis to pick up a free ACT booklet in the CCC).


    ACT Prep Websites

    7. Play2Prep – Free App on Android or Apple Devices.