Xello Instructions

  • Interested in finding out which career may be right for you? Take the Xello test to find out! Xello provides you with detailed information on hundreds of colleges and careers in the United States. Follow the instructions below and see what Xello suggests for you. It worked for Mr. Ghitis (I got Career Counselor)!

    Login to Xello via the USD 259 Single Sign On (Rapid ID) page 

    • Use your student ID number. Click Go.
    • Use your computer login password. Click Go.
    • Click on the Xello Student button. It's the last one on the page.
    • For career matches, complete all 4 of the About Me surveys.
    • After completing the surveys, Save at least 3 careers and 3 majors that interest you. 
    • Scroll to the "Activities to Complete" section. 
    • Click Start to complete age-specific activities.