Exploring Colleges

  • Colleges come in all shapes and sizes. Some colleges have classes with over 300 students, and some colleges have classes with no more than 30 students! Comparing colleges helps you determine which ones you for sure want to visit and which ones you don't. It also allows you to prioritize which colleges you would like to apply to. Click on the links under "Comparing Colleges" to search different colleges for size, diversity, cost, and acceptance rates. Don't forget, you can also view this same data for every college in the United States by logging on to Xello


    On this page, you will also find helpful links about adjusting to college life as well as tips for planning an official college visit. Speaking of college visits, Mrs. Lacey recommends that you schedule an official visit to as many colleges/universities that interest you. This is perhaps the best way to determine the right "fit" for you. By visiting, you can see if the college has certain organizations you want to participate in, such as fraternities/sororities, intermural sports, student life events, etc. Please check the latest announcements and your CCC Team for when these schools visit Heights during Advocacy!