Our mission is to

    • Maximize resources available to pursue funding for effective programs that enhance student achievement, advance school improvement plans, and support the district strategic plan
    • Ensure fiscal accountability and program compliance of supportive funds
    • Build effective relationships with internal stakeholders and community partners
    • Provide on-going training and support for District staff on compliance and monitoring of site based grants


    Our strategic initiatives are to

    • Develop streamlined policies and procedures for effective proposal writing and grant management
    • Create a grant development stakeholder committee with the purpose of reviewing grant opportunities for our district
    • Disseminate grant funding opportunities from local, state, federal and private sources to schools and departments
    • Provide technical assistance, proposal review, editing, budget development, and grant writing assistance
    • Coordinate inter-departmental grant proposal development
    • Submit proposals to funding agencies on behalf of schools
    • Provide results-driven training to district staff in grant proposal development, grant financial management, and district grant policies and procedures
    • Track federal legislation, appropriations and regulatory actions that affect grant programs operated in WPS
    • Coordinate with third party providers to develop effective evaluation plans for large grants
    • Prepare budget amendments and program amendments
    • Prepare and submit grant program performance reports to funding agencies; provide assistance on performance reports for site based grants
    • Conduct site monitoring visits in behalf of funding agencies
    • Serve as an advocate for grant managers in identifying and resolving issues that impact grant program implementation in the district

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