• #AerosRead = School-Wide Reading Challenge


    The Allen Library has a reading challenge for the students of Allen Elementary. The challenge is to read at least 1 book every month that falls under the special reading category for that month. The goal is to read at least 10 different types of books this year. To make it fun and a little bit challenging, we have incorporated different genres and added a possibility to win a prize after each month of reading.

    aerosread simple


    How it works (plan is subject to change based on participation)

    • The challenge is for Allen Elementary students
      • Families are welcomed and encouraged to participate without the chance of prizes
    • Any book, audiobook, or e-book will count in the challenge
    • Read 1 book for 10 months that match’s that month’s category
    • Track your reading by getting and filling out a “AerosRead Challenge Reading Record” sheet. Turn your sheets into your classroom teacher
    • At the end of the month, anyone who has entered the challenge will have a chance to win a prize for that month.
      • You are allowed to read more than one book per month that matches the category. You will have to fill out a record sheet for every book that you read and turn the sheet in when you are done.
      • The more you read the better chances you have to winning a prize
    • Once you have read a book in each of the 10 categories, you will win a “#Aeros Reading Challenge” t-shirt and be eligible for a grand prize drawing.

    winners challenge


    Categories (categories are subject to change based on participation/availability)

    The categories will change every month. The 10 categories are:




    Growth Mindset Book


    Picture Book/Graphic Novel


    Fairy Tale/Folk Tale


    “How To” Book


    Award Winning Book


    “One School One Book”




    Wild Animal Book


    Sports Book


    Where Will Reading Take You?



    A special thanks to the Wichita Eagle’s Suzanne Tobias and the Wichita Public Library for their #ReadICT reading challenge that acted as our inspiration to our school-wide reading challenge! Also a special thanks to Judy Loganbill, former Allen Teachers, for bringing the idea to Allen!