• Welcome to Kindergarten! Kindergarten is an adventure filled with learning, excitement, and countless new experiences. This year, we will work hard to build the foundations which will allow your Kindergarten student to experience success as they continue through school and life. It is important that students are present and on-time daily; each school day will contain activities and instruction which are integral to long-term success, and much of what we do is unable to be made up if missed. Should extenuating circumstances arise, please be in contact and we can work together to minimize learning interruptions.


    If you are looking to support your Kindergarten student at home, you could:

    Read to/with them 20 minutes a day. 

    Encourage your student to look at pictures in stories and tell you about what is happening.

    Sing songs and rhymes.

    Help your child find letters and words on things around them.

    Count to 100.

    Ask specific questions to your child about their days and activities.

    Count groups of objects.

    Say and sing the ABCs. 

    Teach your child to tie their own shoes and zip their own zippers. 

    Play Dreambox (contact me for more information).


    If you have specific questions, I am always happy to speak with you. The best way to contact me is through e-mail, at atullos@usd259.net. I will reply to e-mails within 24 hours (usually much less) during days/weeks school is in session. Please allow a little more time on weekends and school recesses. You may also call the school, but please be advised that I will not be available to converse when students are present and may not consistently have the ability to return calls the same day.