Unfortunately, there are many companies and even some for-profit universities who take advantage of students.  Never pay for college and career planning services!  The CCC and other community groups offer these services for free to our students.  If a company invites you to a seminar you and your parents didn't sign up for, don't go.  If you are concerned about the mail or emails you are receiving, forward them to Ms. Bell (cbell5@usd259.net) or bring in your letters to the CCC.  I would be happy to check them for you.  You also should be cautious about for-profit colleges.  Many for-profit colleges offer programs that are much more expensive than their non-profit counterparts.  Additionally, on average, for-profit job placement rates are lower, while their loan default rates are higher.  Check out the articles below for more information.

    Scholarship Scam Article

    For-Profit Colleges Articles:

    US News and World Report


    National Association of College Admission Counseling