• 25 Book Campaign for Middle School

    To participate in the 25 Book Campaign, middle school students consistently read at least twenty-five books or book equivalents (approximately 1,000,000 words) each school year. The materials should include traditional and contemporary literature (both fiction and non-fiction) as well as magazines, newspapers, textbooks, and electronic material.

    A reading log is provided for students to keep track of their reading goal. Reading logs are kept in the student agenda. Language Arts teachers sign off on student reading logs.



    6th-8th Grade – 25 books (100 pages each) read independently. Books should be at the student’s individual reading level. Page numbers may be modified for students with learning differences.



    1st 9 weeks –  6 books

    2nd 9 weeks – 12 books

    3rd 9 weeks –  19 books

    4th 9 weeks –  25 books



    At the end of each 9 weeks, a reading reward party is held to celebrate (during school hours, so all can participate). These reward parties might be an extra recess, game day, ice cream social, pizza, technology party, or other activity. We will also include a final year-end reward, a 25-book pin to be worn on the student’s lanyard.