• Price-Harris Clubs

    Price-Harris Communications Magnet Elementary School is proud to offer a number of enrichment opportunities for 4th and 5th grade students during their Wednesday PD days through a variety of clubs. Students receive an hour and a half of focused time per week for a full semester in their chosen club. Each group works on various skills and projects related to the theme of the club. 

    Clubs for Fall 2023 are:

    Technology & Robotics with Mrs. Bomgardner

    Leadership with Mrs. Garvey

    Community Crafts with Mrs. Barber

    Movement Club with Ms. Ensz

    Team Sports with Mr. Bohanan

    Battle of the Books with Mrs. McKenney


    We're excited to see what our students can accomplish this semester to build their own skills and be of service to others.


    Recent club offerings have included:

    • Athletics
    • Competitive Sports
    • STEM
    • Broadcasting
    • Sewing & Crafts
    • Vocal Music
    • Guitar
    • Leadership & Service
    • Team Sports
    • Crafts & Community
    • Drama
    • Entrepeneurship
    • Instrument Exploration