Technology 1: 6th grade students will participate in activities to learn appropriate keyboarding techniques and basic computer skills by creating and editing graphics, adding graphics into multimedia presentations, and using the internet as a resource to gather information and to represent that information visually, in writing, or verbally. Students will be introduced to Inventor software, real-world technologies, and team based activities.

    Explorations in Technology 2:7th grade Students will learn the process of taking an idea and creating a tangible product and will be engaged in fabricating prototypes while working through the design process. Students will also develop their use of precision measurement tools within given criteria and constraints. Students will learn to work as a contributing team member in collaborative groups in “real world” scenario’s. 

    Explorations in Technology 3: 8th grade students will be engaged in the study of mechanisms and how they are used in a variety of machines that we use on a daily basis. Students will explore the world of robotics and learn how to program specific scenarios geared to helping students understand how human error can affect how a simulation runs.  Students will develop an understanding of elements, electricity and circuitry.