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    At Price-Harris, we help students build foundational soft skills that are important in any career or life path - eye contact, speaking, listening, and communicating effectively. No matter the career a child chooses, our students learn these core skills that will allow them to succeed in that field. 

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  • Partnerships, Projects, and Events


    Price-Harris is always looking to expand our list of partnerships throughout the community. We love working with members of the community, people of industry, and representatives from various organizations to help our students and enhance our school. 


    If you have a special skill-set that could help us, please reach out! We always welcome new partnerships and have several projects we are excited to work on.


    Career Day is back! With the help of PTO and our Specials team, Price-Harris will be inviting several individuals to join us for Career Day where they will share with students about their role and how communication helps them accomplish their daily work. More information to come!