• Quarter 1 - Roundabout

         The first quarter is called the “Roundabout” round.  The purpose of this quarter is for individual players to keep possession of a three-part questioning sequence for their team.  Players may keep possession of the questioning sequence by answering all three questions correctly.  However, if a player on the team with possession misses a question, either by answering incorrectly of not answering, an opposing player has an opportunity to steal possession by correctly answering the missed question. If this player correctly answers the question, his/her team gains possession and a new three question sequence begins with that player. If both players miss the question, then the controlling team maintains control and the sequence continues. After the third question in the sequence, possession passes to the opposing team.
         Questions answered correctly in Q1 are worth 2 points and questions answered on a steal are worth 1 point. There is no penalty for incorrect answers. The players have a 15 second shot clock (starting after the judge reads the question).  [Players do not have to buzz in but the shot clock will stop when a player begins to answer.  Each team may ask for the question to be repeated, unless the original 15 seconds has elapsed. Each team is allowed 5 repeats and both the shot clock and the game clock will stop on a repeat.