• Quarter 3 - Problem Solving

         The third quarter is called Problem Solving. The week before the competition, the teams are given a word or short phrase that identifies the topic for the next game. This gives them an idea of where to focus their research. Through their research, they identify possible problems that need to be solved related to the word or phrase they were given. They spend their time researching all angles of the topic so they are prepared for whatever the problem solving situation may actually be. On game day, they are given the actual problem and prepare their presentation during the first and second quarters of the game. During this time they plan and organize their presentation and prepare posters to support their message. 
         When Q3 starts, each team takes the stage and delivers their presentation. The presentation must be at least three minutes long and no longer than five minutes. Failure to end within these time restraints results in a 3 point penalty.
         After each presentation, the judges score the teams. They are rated from 1 - 5, with 5 being the highest, in five catagories. This gives a possible top score of 25. The five catagories are Organization, Style, Content, Creative Problem Solving, and Presentation. 

    Organization: This catagory addresses the logical order of the presentation. There should be a clear introduction, body and conclusion. The information within each of these sections should be presented in a clear and logical fashion. 

    Style: This catagory includes the overall feel of the presentation. The speaking voices should be clear and steady, without pauses or stopping and starting over. The speakers should also correctly pronounce all words and use correct grammar. 

    Content: The content presented should be accurate and relevant. A solution should be offered for each part stated in the problem. The central issues should be clarified and explained. Solutions should be thought provoking and supported by the facts presented. 

    Creative Problem Solving: The solution offered should be persuasive and original. The solution should apply critical thinking skills and be more than memorized facts and others ideas.

    Presentation: This catagory is the overall quality of the presentation. It should be memorable as the speakers speak with confidence and conviction. The presenters should not rely too heavily on their notes. The posters used should strengthen the presentation with relevant, easily understood content,