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    Students with Jim Ryun Trophy Case

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Alumni Gifts Database

Graduation Class Gift Name Gift Description Gift Amount
1954 Carillon Bells Thanks to a generous donation from the Class of 1954, the East High tower is once again a true bell tower, playing the alma mater ("The Blue and White") and the fight song ("Stand Up and Cheer") daily. During the school year, the alma mater plays Monday through Friday at 7:50 AM and the fight song plays Monday through Friday at 3:15 PM. In addition, the Westminster chimes play daily at 6:00 PM and at noon on Saturdays and Sundays. $5000
1964 Outdoor Seating Area in Courtyard East High has a spacious courtyard that is rarely used, but our idea will put this space to productive use. The idea is to provide an additional outdoor seating space for our students to congregate at lunch. Also, this provides a way for students to meet new people as well as to get fresh air. The seating will add new areas to the school where kids can sit, which will reduce crowded spaces inside of the school. With so much stress in school, the outdoor space will help students relax. $5,000
1994 Jim Ryun display case (located in Gym Foyer) Wood and glass display case (lighted with plaque) to exhibit Jim Ryun’s lasting feat! Case includes bronze statute, stop watch, photos of Jim Ryun, and commemorates the first high school athlete to break the 4 minute mile (donated in Nov. 2014; unveiling in Feb. 2015). $2,500