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    The transition from high school to adulthood can be daunting for any student, but it is evenmore so for students with disabilities.  As Transition Specialists, we strive to make this shift smoother by providing appropriate connections to services for our special-education students as they prepare for life after graduation. Our job is to link school staff, families, community, and resource providers, ensuring that students and families have access to available services.




    As Transition Specialists, we

    • assist staff in locating appropriate interest/ career aassessments,
    • provide referrals to agencies that assist in career exploration activities and job preparation training
    • provide information and referrals to agencies that work with adult services
    • provide information and referrals to college offices of disabilities
    • provide referrals to agencies that assist our graduates in locating employment
    • provide information regarding the college experience

    There are currently 7 of us who serve the Wichita School District.   Each of us are assigned to at least 1 comprehensive high school and the feeder middle and elementary schools for that pattern.  Below is our contact information and school assignments.  We are easily accessible by phone or email. 


    List of Transition Specialists and Contacts


     One Grateful Transition Specialist