• Elementary Standards for Academics and Behavior

    The documents outline the learning targets, or standards, students will be working toward during his/her academic school year. The goal is for the student to demonstrate proficiency on each of these targets by the end of the year. At the end of each quarter, parents will receive a report indicating the progress the student has made toward mastery of the learning targets. 

    Click on the photos below to see the examples in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.


Kindergarten Standards

  • Kindergarten Standards Graphic

First-Grade Standards

  • First Grade Standards Graphic

Second-Grade Standards

  • Second Grade Standards Graphic

Third-Grade Standards

  • Third Grade Standards Graphic

Fourth-Grade Standards

  • Fourth Grade Standards

Fifth-Grade Standards

  • Fifth grade standards

Kindergarten - Español

  • Kindergarten Standards - Spanish

First Grade - Español

  • 1st Grade Standards - Spanish

Second Grade - Español

  • 2nd Grade Standards - Spanish

Third Grade - Español

  • Third Grade Standards - Spanish

Fourth-Grade - Español

  • Fourth Grade Standards - Spanish

Fifth-Grade - Español

  • Fifth-Grade Standards - Spanish

Kindergarten - Vietnamese

  • Kindergarten Standards

First-Grade - Vietnamese

  • 1st Grade Standards - Vietnamese

Second Grade - Vietnamese

  • Second Grade Standards - Vietnamese

Third Grade - Vietnamese

  • Third Grade Standards - Vietnamese

Fourth-Grade Vietnamese

  • Fourth-Grade Standards - Vietnamese

Fifth-Grade Vietnamese

  • Fifth-Grade Standards - Vietnamese