Heroes Read! Blue Devil Reading Challenge Outline and Goals 

    Why Read?

    • Stories are about heroes.
    • Reading improves comprehension for EVERY student.
    • Through encouraging the reading challenge, we will build a culture of reading at Hadley Middle School.
    • This culture celebrates academic gains and reading much like we would celebrate athletic achievements.
    • Reading provides our students the reading skills necessary for success in school and life.


    ⚫ READ

    ⚫ Record books read – include up to five summer books.

    ⚫ Books are usually at least 100 pages—teachers use their judgement.

    ⚫ Check the chart to count books as more than one – follow your ELA teacher’s directions.

    ⚫ Keep your reading log in your binder or where your English Language Arts teacher directs you to keep it.

    ⚫ Set quarterly reading goals, record them below, and keep the goal in your agenda.


    ⚫ BOOKS

    ◦ 100 ≤ 200 pages = 1 book

    ◦ 201 ≤ 400 pages = 2 books

    ◦ 401 ≤ 600 pages = 3 books

    ◦ 601 ≤ 800 pages = 4 books, etc.

    ⚫ The goal is to read One Million Words--it’s easier for many of us to think about it by counting books.

    ⚫ Select materials that represent the appropriate lexile range for individual reading ability—student’s reading level.

    • 5 magazines/daily newspapers front to back = 1 book

    • 10 Comic Books front to back = 1 book

    • Graphic novels: at least 100 pages

    • Ebooks--if pages not numbered, look up online or in a library catalog or count as 1. Lengthy fanfiction can count as 1 book.

    • Online Article Reading: Work with ELA teacher or CC teacher to include. Counting these will require diligent recording of what & how much time.


    • Record each book (or the equivalent) in your reading log.

    • Each time you read five books let your teacher know.

    • Everyone who has met their first-semester reading goal in time for the winter book fair will get a book from the book fair!

    • Students on target with their reading goals will be recognized at the end of each quarter.

    • May 1 deadline for end of the year awards and activities.

    Set Reading Goals

    • Set Reading Goals

    • The average book contains about 40,000 words. If you read 25 books during the year, you will have read 1,000,000 words

    • 1st Quarter Goal __________________ 2nd Quarter Goal__________________

    • 3rd Quarter Goal __________________ 4th Quarter Goal __________________


     Read at least 25 books during the school year to

    read one million words (1,000,000)