• The STEALTH Afterschool Program is intentionally aligned with the Wichita Public Schools' Every Student Future Ready Strategic Plan - as well as the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). 


    The program has outlined three Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) - to ensure the highest standard of student success. The goals each contain several benchmarks to create a relentless focus on driving the intended result. 

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    1) All students will reach high academic standards - at a minimum attaining proficiency or better in reading/language arts and mathematics. 

    • 80 percent of the program-enrolled Pre-K – 12 participants will maintain high academic achievement and/or demonstrate continuous improvement in mathematics and reading, based upon grades and results of Kansas State Assessments.
    • 100 percent of the program-enrolled Pre-K – 12 participants will be offered tutoring support.
    • Day teachers of 60 percent of Pre-K – 12 participants who are assigned homework will report increased rates of homework completion among their students who attend the program.


    2) All students will graduate from high school. 

    • 90 percent of participants will not be suspended (in-school or out-of-school) while in the program.
    • 90 percent of Pre-K – 12 students enrolled in the program will participate in activities integrating educational activities with: real-life problem solving, arts education, career exploration, recreation, cultural opportunities and activities and service learning.
    • 80 percent of program-enrolled Pre-K – 12 participants will not be found to have engaged in violent acts at school.


    3) Family Engagement will be embedded in the entirety of the program. 

    • A variety of services and educational resources will be offered to the families/guardians of 100 percent of all program participants.
    • 80 percent of families surveyed will indicate satisfaction with family communication.
    • 80 percent of families will be engaged in the provided opportunities.