Frequently Asked Questions About SE JROTC

  • Why is there U.S. Army JROTC at Southeast High School?

    • JROTC is a citizen improvement program.  In fact, the mission of Army JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens.   


    What can I gain from joining JROTC?

    • Respect from adults, teachers, and peers.
    • Skills and values that will propel you on the pathway to success.
    • Friendships based not on status, but on one's true self.
    • A place for help with academics - a major focus of JROTC.
    • Instructors who genuinely care about you and will do anything to help you have a successful high school career.  


    How much does it cost to join JROTC?

    • JROTC has only one cost: to maintain and dry-clean your uniform. Everything else is provided free of charge by the government. 


    Are there extracurricular activities in JROTC?

    • Extracurricular activities include the marching drill team, the physical fitness “Raider” team, and the academic “JLAB” team.  Each of those teams are open to any participating Cadet.


    Do I have to cut my hair?

    • Hairstyles must be kept within US Army regulation. In other words, boys' hair must not touch their ears and must be neatly groomed on top. Girls' hair may not touch the bottom of the collar when pulled into a sock bun or pinned back. All hair colors must be a natural tone. 


    Am I obligated to join the Army?

    • We DO NOT recruit for the military. You have no pressure or obligation to join. 


    Do I have to wear a JROTC uniform every day?

    • Cadets wear their uniforms on specified days, usually once every two weeks.


    What if I have been in trouble?

    • When you join JROTC, you start with a clean slate. We will work with you to improve citizenship.


    Who do I talk to about joining SE JROTC?

    • Feel free to talk with any of the Instructors, but your counselor must change the class schedule.


    I am going into my junior year, can I join JROTC?

    • Yes, you can join JROTC at any grade.


    What is JROTC class like?

    • The program is a full credit elective class for every semester a Cadet takes it. JROTC combines interesting classroom instruction with the opportunity to serve the school and the community, participate in extra-curricular activities, enjoy social activities, and have the chance to be in leadership positions.  The material covered in the program varies throughout the year, with classes in leadership training, basics of citizenship and other topics related to the U.S. Army. The Army JROTC curriculum also covers topics such as U.S. Military History, first aid, human relations, techniques for oral communication, drill and ceremony, military map reading, personal hygiene, beliefs/values, and staff functions and procedures.


    Are their special rules that I have to follow?

    • Yes, although not to the extreme. There are, however, regulations about the personal appearance of Cadets, wearing of the JROTC uniform, school wide behavior, and how to address the Instructors and Cadets that are in leadership positions.  These regulations (rules) will prepare you for your future career and help you succeed in adult life.  


    Are their any mandatory events in JROTC?

    • Yes, there are two such events.  The first is the Veterans Ceremony in November.  The second is the Cadet Ball held in February.