• Long-Term Goals



    Four   Ensure that schools are trusted as safe places by students, parents, staff and community.

          By 2025, an approval rate of 90% or higher from staff, students and parents will be achieved and maintained in all safety categories.  

    • In 21-22, 89.8% of staff feel safe in the workplace


    During the September 12 Board of Education meeting, members heard a report from Terri Moses, Director of Safety and Environmental Services, about all of the different ways we work to keep students and staff safe. The BOE voted to purchase scanning devices for our high schools as another layer of safety precautions. Click here to watch the video.

    Indicators of Success

    • Exceed the Kansas Safe Schools performance standards
    • Create a safe, civil, productive learning and work environment in all buildings
    • Reduce academic, behavior and attendance disparities based on gender, race, ethnicity, grade level, economic status, disability and exceptionalities
    • Increase the number of schools certified in digital citizenship