• Long-Term Goals

  • One   Increase the high school graduation rate.

         By 2025, high school graduation rates will increase from 74% to 80%.

    The graduation rate for 2022 is 80.4%. This is 6.43 percentage point increase from 2018. This meets our Strategic Plan goal 1.

    • Significant growth for Hispanic males and females, multi-racial males and females, students on free lunches, special education students, and students who are homeless, migrant or with limited English proficiency

    Watch the February 13, 2023 Board of Education meeting discussion on alternative high school programs and credit recovery to support the graduation rate.

    Indicators of Success

    • Increase the number of students completing Algebra I by the end of grade 9
    • Increase academic rigor and comprehension through the implementation of standards-based planning, instruction and assessment 
    • Increase percent of students on track to graduate at the end of each semester by cohort year
    • Increase percent of students proficient on grade-level standards