• Strategic Plan Long Term Goals




    One   Increase the high school graduation rate.

         By 2023, high school graduation rates will increase from 74% to 80%.

    The graduation rate for 2019 is 75.3%. This is a 1.3 percentage point increase from the prior year, and represents growth of more than 19% since 2010.

                  Graduation rate chart

    Some of the strategies to increase graduation rate include focus on early-warning signs when students are in 9th and 10th grade, instead of when students are juniors and seniors. Other strategies are focusing on student attendance, supportive relationships with students, assessing discipline practices which include restorative practice, and having a target of B’s or better.

    In 2018-19, high schools expanded their learning centers to be open all day for students to complete repeat and original credit at their own pace. In the 2018-19 school year, 1,188.5 credits were recovered.

    In summer 2019, students took advantage to earn credits in traditional summer school. Other programs include the extended summer school for students with 50-59% in core classes to increase their grades, and two schools extended their learning centers for students to complete credits in July. In summer 2019, 293 credits were earned and 49 seniors graduated in the summer.

    At the January 13, 2020 Board of Education meeting, Deputy Superintendent Tiffinie Irving and Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Schools Gil Alvarez shared data and programs that support Goal 1. 

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    Watch the January 13, 2020 presentation below.