• Long-Term Goals


     Two  Increase 3rd grade reading proficiency.

         By 2025, 3rd grade reading state assessment score for proficiency levels 3 and 4 will increase from 21.93% to 44%.

    • Realistic/ambitious growth up to 10-11 percentage points for Pre-K onset sounds and letter names
    • Up 21.7 percentage points for kinder letter name fluency
    • Up 14.2 percentage points for 2nd grade fluency

    Literacy is the key for student success. Before 3rd grade, students learn to read. After 3rd grade, students read to learn. Students from economically disadvantaged homes are exposed to 30 million fewer words by the time students enter kindergarten. 

    Watch the April 11, 2022 Board of Education presentation with an update on the work that supports increasing 3rd grade reading proficiency

    Indicators of Success

    • Increase proficiency of PreK - 5 English Language Arts Standards
    • Increase proficiency of word recognition and decoding skills
    • Increase academic rigor and comprehension through the implementation of standards-based planning, instruction and assessment