• Strategic Plan Long Term Goals




     Two  Increase 3rd grade reading proficiency.

         By 2023, 3rd grade reading proficiency will increase from 21.93% to 44% on the Kansas State Assessments.

    Literacy is the key for student success. Before 3rd grade, students learn to read. After 3rd grade, students read to learn. Students from economically disadvantaged homes are exposed to 30 million fewer words by the time students enter kindergarten. 

    Reading data      Reading graphic  

    Some of the strategies to increase 3rd grade reading proficiency include Standards Referenced Grading, the all-day prek pilot and Park and Cleaveland, LETRS (structured literacy framework for teaching reading), Parents as Teachers, and two video series: Read Along with SUPERintendent Thompson and Growing Up WPS. WPS also has more than 50 community organizations engaged in literacy support. 

    At the March 9, 2020 Board of Education meeting, Deputy Superintendent Tiffinie Irving and Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Schools Michele Ingenthron shared data and programs that support Goal 2. 

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    Watch the March 9, 2020 Meeting below.