• Connect4Learning Framework 


    Connect4Leraning is used in our Pre-K 'At-Risk' and Unified classrooms with adaptations in our self-contained classrooms. 


    Welcome and Read Aloud:

    Engages children in high-quality stories and non-fiction books that support children's learning and reflect reserach on effective read-aloud practices. There are three parts to each Read-Aloud: Introduce the Text, Read the Text and After Reading. 


    Connect Lesson:

    Whole group activity where new concerpts are introduced or reveiwed. Some of the activities in the Connect Lesson will be featured in Small Group. 


    Small Group:

    Teacher directed activity with three or four children at a time to provide direct instruction while the other children are engaged in learning centers. Small group lessons include many games and fun activities for you and the childdren to work on together. Small group is also a great time for assessment. 


    Fast Focus:

    Short, five-to-ten-minute lessons that reinforce the learning for that day. Fast focus lessons, often featuring math and phonological awareness or alphabet knowledge, but not always. These lessons include many fun games, songs, and gross-motor activities.