• Connect4Learning Units of Instruction


    Unit 1: Connecting with School and Friends 

    Children will learn social-emotional skills, classroom routines, and how to use the classroom environment. 


    Unit 2: Our Environment 

    Starts close to home with investigations of the outdoors and other familiar environments. Then, the focus will shift to the more exotic environment of a coral reef. 


    Unit 3: How Structures Are Built 

    Focus on how structures and tools work and how to make or do othings. Using observations, simple experiments, games, and activities, children will explore the form and function of objects by focusing on how the objects move, their shapes, and their uses. 


    Unit 4: Exploring Museums 

    Children will learn about museums and collections: what they are, whaty they have inside, who works there, and how they work. Then, a closer look will be taken in two areas of study: paleontology (study of dinosaurs) and the medieval time period. 


    Unit 5: Growing Our Garden 

    Children will explore growth over time by investigating gardens and the living things within them. They will learn about what plants need to grow, what creatures live in and benefit gardens, and how people grow food. 


    Unit 6: How We've Grown 

    Two-week unit that offers children an opportunity to look back over the year and recognize how much they have grown, changed, learned, and developed. They will revisit some of their favorite books, games, and activities and will look forward to what comes next--kindergarten!