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    We understand that there has been a huge adjustment these days.

    Please know that during this time of transition, all of the North High staff are still here

    to support you in any way that we can. Take care of you!

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    NEA Big Read Wichita

     Big Read Book


    Circe, a bestselling novel written by Madeline Miller, is this year's NEA Big Read: Wichita selection.


    "This novel, about the lesser-known goddess Circe, takes you on a spellbinding journey into the world of gods, monsters, mortals and nymphs. Circe is a strange child — not powerful, like her father Helios, nor alluring, like her mother Perse, and often ridiculed by her beautiful and charismatic siblings. Most authors, like Homer and Ovid, depict Circe as weak or evil and lacking nuance, but Miller reimagines her as a complex, "'passionately empathetic and strong-willed woman' determined to find her own path and evolve" (Girls' Night In). Turning to the world of mortals for companionship, she discovers that she does possess power — the power of potions and spells, which can transform rivals into monsters and menace the gods themselves". - The Wichita Public Library

    You can find a copy of Circe in our North High Library or at the Wichita Public Library or as a digital title at Wichita E-Reads. 











    What Book are you reading right now  






    North High Student Now A 

    Published Author!


    Now one of our students, Liv “Olivia” Lynelle , has had a book published!


    About the Book

    “What To Feed A Steampunk Snail”, consists of poems and short stories she has written over the course of the past year and a half. This writing has been described as mature and imaginative.


    About the Author

    Liv Lynelle, who grew up in Illinois and Kansas, is currently a senior at Wichita North. After high school she will attend Butler and plans to be a successful writer.


    I want my life to be something. I want a big house with big windows and hardwood floors. I want to be able to support foster children. And I want to be happy, doing the thing that I love.” - Liv Lynelle



    We are so proud of you—it’s no small feat to achieve what you have at your age. Best of luck in your

    writing career; we shall watch with great interest. 


    Go check out her book! 

    Currently, all forms of the book are available to buy on Amazon —just scan the code!


    Scan Here








    North High Teacher Now A 

    Published Author!


     One of our very own teachers, Mr. Pacholski, had a book published!


    About the Book

    “Seasons”, Ashton Pacholski's literary debut, is a collection of modern poetry that spans a year, through spring, summer, fall, and winter. This book will surely capture one's every emotion: love, pain, acceptance, and regret.

    The book also includes a short story titled “The Blue Beetle”. A thriller until the end, this is a story that he is most proud of. It is the tale that introduced him to the literary world.


    About the Author

    Ashton Pacholski, a North High alumnus and Language Arts Teacher, has always loved English, reading and writing. He enjoys crafting lessons and inspiring a new generation of writers. Pacholski has always wanted to be a writer, cultivating the idea in our very own library. In February 2020, he had fulfilled his dream of creating a published book that showcases his poetry and prose, fictional writing.



    We are so proud of you and very honored to have the published writing of one of our own amongst our collection!


    Go check out his book! 

    Also available as an e-book on Amazon. 




    Teen Bestsellers

     Teen Bestsellers


    Classic Must - Read Books

     Classic Must - Read Books