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    Then and Now 


    Then and Now


    About Our Library 

     Our library has been around since 1929-30. Due to several remodelings, the design and location have changed a few times. Today our library is better than ever! When you're ready, just scroll down and have a look.


     Our Mission

     The Mission of the North High School Media Center is to have a warm, welcoming environment that provides educational resources and materials that support learning and inspire reading. We want to ensure that staff, students and families benefit from all that the NHS Library Media Center has to offer.






     Assistance From Your Library Staff

     The purpose of The North High Library Media Center Staff is to provide resources, equipment, accommodations, and support students, parents, teachers, and other school staff. The North High Library Media Center, like all libraries, has policies and procedures that allow the library to function for the benefit of all its customers.


    Ms. Diamond and Ms. Penny





    Textbooks, Library Books and Space to Relax. 

     When you visit the library you will see that it is a great place to get help with your school work and for fun. You can come to the library and there will always be someone there to help you find what you want. You can ask us to help you find textbooks or books about most subjects that interest you, as well as help you locate information on a computer.

     The library is also a great place if you want a place to read or study. We have areas with cozy chairs where you can curl up and read a book or there are tables and chairs where you can work on school reports.








     You will see beautiful artwork throughout the library by various artists. As you enter the library you will see  a large round mosaic piece and a wooded Native American Indian sitting in a canoe. This is the work of artist and sculptor, Blackbear Bosin, who was the creator of one of the most well-known sculptures in Kansas- The Keeper of the Plains. We are so honored to be able to display his incredible artwork in the NHS Library.




      Library Hall of Fame


    Hall of Fame Wall

     The North High Hall Of Fame was established in October 2005 in conjunction with North High’s 75th anniversary celebration.




    Alumni Books 


    Alumni Author's Book Display

     We also have an area where we have a collection of North High Alumni authors. One of the authors showcased in the Alumni Author section, is a teacher, Ashton Pacholski, who is presently teaching Language Arts here at North High. Mr. Pacholski wrote a book of poetry called “Seasons”.

    (Click on the “Breaking News” tab for more information about his book.)






     Every month we have new displays throughout our library. One of the displays often showcased is our "TRADITIONS" display.






    Old  Artifacts

     Many years ago, North High was given some very delicate pieces of old pottery. They are now housed in a display case to prevent damage. A few of the pieces have remarkably withstood the test of time.



     Student Wall Art


    Student Wall Art

      On our walls, we have a few different areas around the library of artwork that was created by North High Students. You would be amazed by the talent that comes from our school. 






     Recreational Game Playing








        Destiny Online Catalog

     Destiny is the online catalog for The North High Media Center and other libraries in our district. You can search in the online catalog to learn the location and availability of library materials. When searching the catalog, you are able to request materials from other libraries in our school district. You will need to write down your first and last name, book title and author, and the school who carries the book you wish to borrow.


      The Online Resource Database

     The Online Resource Databases are in DESTINY. Just click on the “Home” tab. You will discover that you have access to several online databases, including book series sites, the online newspapers, The Wichita Public Library and The Kansas State Library, ACT and SAT Prep, and much, much more!


     If you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you all!