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    Digital Library Card Permission


    As we become a more digital friendly library, we have to re-think how our students will access books. Since our school libraries do not yet have digital books, we will need to use the resources available to us digital. There are thousands of free books and resources provided by the Wichita Public Library (WPL) and Kansas State Library.


    In order for students to use these resources, they need a library card for each and permission from a parent/guardian. The KS library card and the WPL e-card give users access to ALL library materials in the digital collection. It is the responsibility of the parents/guardian, not the school, to monitor their student’s library account(s) and/or the books their student has checked out.


    Complete the Library card consent form, giving permission for your student to have a card created for them. Cards will not be created for students without permission from a parent/guardian. Once permission is granted, students will need to request a card be made for them (contact Mrs. Aberg, library teacher). 


    Want to start reading now? Visit the Wichita Public Library e-Card page on our website to learn how to create a WPL e-Card today.


  • Why would I want a Kansas Library Card?

    The state of Kansas provides TONS of great resources to its residents so, with a Kansas Library Card, you can log in and access thousands of resoruces including:

    • Digital Books (see directions below)
    • Audio books (see directions below)
    • Encyclopedia Britannica
    • Explora Search - which includes magazine articles, primary sources, journal articles, books and more


    Website: https://kslib.info

    1. Log in to the site - You will need a Kansas Library card issued by a certified librarian
    2. Click on the Library eCard at the top
    3. Browse for great books and resources!

    Kansas Library Card

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