• Students Shine

  • Teachers,

    We want to thank you for everything you do to help our students shine. You truly are appreciated. To make things a bit easier for you, we have put together this Information page for quick and easy access to library information that may interest you as a teacher. Please let us know if we should include anything else that may be helpful.

    For more information about our library services and student policies in the library, go to the “About” page.

    Again, thank you for all you do! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We’re here to support you, your students and their family.


  • Basic Library Information


    Student Login 

    Students' user name is their student I.D. # and their password is their chosen password or the one that was given to them.


    Password Change/Reset

    If a student needs to change or reset their password, we’d be happy to help. If possible, please have the students I.D. # available when you contact us. For staff passwords, contact our Tech Support or call the HELP desk at 3-HELP. 


    Student Vue Login 

    If a student goes through Rapididentity, their user name and password and their computer login are the same.


    Destiny Catalog

    On the North High Website go to: Programs, Library, Catalog and Resources, Click on Destiny Logo or the words “Enter Here”. The “Home” tab is the resource page. The “Catalog” tab is where you search for books.


    Inter-Library Loans

    Both staff and students may borrow and send books from buildings within the school district. You may contact us if you need a library book or a class set of library books.


    Suggest a Book for Purchase

    Have a book you'd like to recommend for purchase for our Library? Let us know. All recommendations will be considered. We really do appreciate your suggestions. 


  • Library Conduct


    Sending Students to the Library

    Please call the library if you wish to send more than two students at the same time. We ask that students keep their voice level down so that they do not disturb others. Students who become loud and unruly, or who are not working, will be asked to leave.


    Student Passes

    During class hours, students must have a signed pass by a school staff in order to work in the library.


    Food and Beverages

    In order to keep our carpet and library space clean, we ask staff and students to please clean up after themselves. Please inform the library staff of any spills as soon as possible.


  • Reserving Space in the Library

    Contact the library to make a reservation. Please give an advance notice if you need to cancel.



    All students must first pre-sign with a library staff. We DO NOT sign our names. We use a stamp only to sign passes. (Stamp Example: Library/Edem). If a student pre-signs and does not show up, their teacher will be notified by email. They must come to study or they will be asked to leave. 


    Library Space 

    We ask that all staff make a reservation if you wish to utilize an area in the library, so that we can effectively accommodate you and your students.


    Library Space  (After Hours)

    For after-hour reservations, please contact the Activity Director. You may want to contact the library as well, so that we can assure you a ready space.


    Display Case (A-Hall)

    You may reserve time to use the display case. Our goal is to have a display at all times, so please stick to the reservation dates. If you want to use it for a longer period of time, it is up to you to make an arrangement with the person who has it reserved, then inform the library of the new arrangement.


    Displaying Student Work

    We welcome student art/literature for display in the library. We believe that displaying student work sends several important messages: as educators, we value what students do, and that this is their space as much as ours.


    Tri-fold Training

    We can accommodate two classes at a time. To reserve a spot, please contact us as soon as you know the date you wish to bring your class for training.


  •   Library Electronic Equipment

    Contact the library to make a reservation. Please give an advance notice if you need to cancel.


    Desktop Computers

    There are around 35 desktop computers available for students and staff to use in the library. Call to reserve



    All laptops: Please contact our Tech Support, Scott Baxter.



    There are printers in the C-Hall Teacher's Lounge. If your students need to print, they may use a desktop computer in the library. They must have a pass from their teacher and sign in.  If you wish to bring your class to print, call the library to reserve space.There is 1 color printer and 1 black and white printer available at no cost for school work only. For personal use, the color printer is .50 per page and the black and white printer is .10 per page.



    There are 2 portable projectors and 1 built-in library projector available for checkout. You will need to reserve the section of tables in order to use the built-in projector.



    The library does not have a laminator or a copier. The Laminator is operated only by the staff in the Learning Center, Room D102E.

    For copies, check the 1st floor Teacher's Lounge or Main Office.


  • Textbook Information


    Textbook Managers

    Your Textbook Managers at North are Penny Edem and Diamond Henderson. Please include both in your email requests.


    Textbook Requests/Orders

    A Department Head must contact the library if a teacher requests textbooks that we do not have in the building.


    Student Textbook Checkout

    Students may check out textbooks anytime during the library hours.


    Textbook Checkout for Whole Class/Class Sets (Best Procedure)

    Bring the whole class to the library. Each student will take a book(s) off the shelf and take it to the circulation desk to be checked out either in the teachers name or the students’ name. Done and Done!


    Textbook Return for Whole Class/Class Sets (Best Procedure)

    Bring the whole class to the library. Each student will bring a book with them and take it to the circulation desk to be checked in. If the books are staying in the library, the students will take them to the area the books are being housed after they are checked in. If the books are going back to the classroom, after scanning, the students will take the book back to class with them.  Easy Peasy!




  • Senior Project Activities

    In the Library 

     Senior Project Day



    Tri-fold Design Presentations

    We offer Tri-fold Design Training and ongoing assistance to classes. The outcome of this training is that students gain more confidence and creativity. We will send out an email when we are ready to start scheduling reservations. 


    Senior Project Day

    Senior Project Day is a day where the library invites senior classes to come and use free supplies and equipment needed to work on their Senior Project.


    Senior Project Night

    Senior Project Night is an evening event where any senior working on their Senior Project may come and use free supplies and equipment and receive help from teachers and library staff for their Senior Project.


    Senior Project Store

    Every year we open a Senior Project Store during Senior Project Day/Night. We set up a store-like area with supplies and equipment and invite teachers to bring their seniors to work on their Senior Project. Teachers and Library Staff will be available if students need help.