• Mead Reads 

    This year Mead Students will be participating in a new reading challenge - MEAD READS. The goal of Mead Reads is to encourage students to read different book genres each quarter. The books you read will need to be different genres so you can explore all the different types of books, stories and information you are interested in and will enjoy reading. Why Mead Reads?


Mead Reads Logo

    How do I participate?

    1st - Choose a book at your reading level

    2nd - Identify the genre

    3rd - Add the title to your BINGO card (in your student planner)

    4th - Read the book!

    5th - Complete the reading log (information & a summary of the book)


    Where to I find my BINGO card?

    Bingo cards can be found in your student planner. Use this copy to keep track of your reading.


    I lost my planner. How do I keep track now?

    You have a couple options. Purchase a new student planner in the office. Or, print a copy of the bingo card and keep it in your binder.


    What is the reading log?

    The reading log is an important last step in the Mead Reads process and provides information about you (the reader), the book you read, and a 3-2-1 summary confirming you read the book.The reading log must be filled out each time you finish reading a book to verify that you completed it.

    Link to Reading Log


    How will I know what to read?

    You will need to use the Mead Reads Bingo card in the front section of your agenda to determine what genre of book to read in order to earn a BINGO.  Each quarter, you will need to read 5 books that complete a horizontal/vertical/diagonal line on the card. Updating your BINGO card in your planner will help you track what you have read or need to read next. 

    No planner? No problem! You can purchase another one in the main office.


    How do I know if a book is at my reading level?


    Take the 5-finger test!

    5 finger test


    Where can I get books?

    • Check out books from our school library!
    • Search epic! for FREE digital books. Your Advocacy teacher will create a class in Epic and add you to that class. Books on Epic! are available to be read only during school hours.
    • The Kansas State library has tons of free books and audiobooks for any Kansan who has an e-card. Ms Goentzel must have parent permission before issuing Kansas State Library cards to students. Have a parent/guardian complete a consent form to give permission. Once permission is given, contact Ms Goentzel and have her create a card for you.
    • The Wichita Public library will issue e-cards that allow the user access to digital materials and use of computers at area libraries. Visit your local Wichita Public library to have an e-card made. Or, have a parent/guardian complete a consent form to give permission. then, contact Ms Goentzel to have her issue you a card.
    • Visit the Free Little Library in front of the school. These are books you can keep or return once you are done.


    What types of books can I read?

    Any book works as along as it is at your reading level and fits into one of the genre categories on the bingo card. You can read a normal book (like you would find in our library), a digital book or you could even listen to an audio book! Keep in mind that whatever books you are reading, they must also be at your reading level.


    What do I need to read each quarter?

    Each quarter you will need to earn a bingo (horizontal/vertical/diagonal) in order for it to be recognized as completing 5 books. If you read a book during 1st quarter that fills a box, it can be counted as one of your books later in the year (example: if you read a biography in the first box, it will count as one book for all 3 bingos - horizontal, vertical and diagonal)

    1st quarter - Horizontal bingo (left to right)

    2nd quarter - Vertical bingo (up and down)

    3rd quarter - Diagonal bingo

    4th quarter - Diagonal bingo (the other diagonal)


    Happy Reading!