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    You will find everything you need for your class projects. Visit our online research database, learn

    a new skill or find a great book to curl up and read! 

      Please feel free to call us, email us, or come talk to us in person if you need any assistance in the library. 

    We really are here to help and we really are friendly! We just look scary in that photo below.







     Penny Edem and Perla Olivas

    (Ms. Penny and Ms. Perla on the Library Notice Card)

     Library Notices 

     Notices for overdue library material or material being held for students in the library are given to English teachers to distribute to students. You may also receive a notice from another school. Students should ask to renew the book if they need more time with it or return it immediately. Check with library staff as soon as you can if you receive a notice. 




    $$$ Late Fees $$$

    Late fees are $.10/day for overdue books.





     Check Out


    Maximum Number of Books and Audio Books

     With the exception of reference books, textbooks and magazines, students may check out two (2) library books at a time and one (1) Audio Book. You may checkout as many textbooks as required for your classes.


    Maximum Checkout Time

     Students have a whole month to read or listen to their library books! WOO HOO! Now remember, we will stamp the due date in the card pocket on the inside of the library book. Any book may be renewed unless it had been requested by another student or teacher. 

     Textbooks are not due until the end of the school year or semester if a student is graduating early.

     If a student is no longer going to be attending North High, all materials and books are due at the time that they are exiting out of North High.

     If a student is attending another school in the USD 259 School District, and have books that belong to North High, they may take the books to the library at the school they attend. The library staff there will send the books back to the North High Library. When we receive those books, we will waive the fees.



    Hold It  


     Hold It!

      If a book is checked out, we would be very happy to put it on hold for you. Yea us!


    Return Materials

     Please return library materials on or before the due date so that others may have an opportunity to enjoy it too. We ask that computers and other materials (not books) be personally handed to a library staff member.

     Books returned to the library should be placed in the book drop located at the circulation desk or placed in the book return bins located outside the east and west library doors.

     Students should personally return all Audiobooks and other library materials checked out to them. Students should never give books or other materials to teachers or other students to return for them. Why, you ask? Well I'll tell ya. It's because each student is personally responsible for the care and return of all library materials and textbooks that they checked out.

     All library materials are checked out by computer. Proctors are not allowed to check out material, other than textbooks and library books, to staff or students.


     Lost or Damaged Books and Other Materials

     Please report lost or damaged material or books to a library staff. You may be charged the price of the book or other materials. However, you have the option to replace most of the items with a new one. Let's talk about it!


    Password Change/Reset 

     If a student needs to change or reset their password to get on the computer, please contact one of the Library clerks.

     We only have the ability to reset or change student passwords. 


     Working on a computer


    Students Coming to Work in the Library



    Students must have a pass from their teacher in order to come into the library during a class period. Students do not need a pass or need to sign in and out, before school, during lunch, or after school.


    First Thing First

    When students enter the library, they need to go directly to the circulation desk to check in with a library staff, show them their pass, and then sign in on the clipboard located at the circulation desk. Students will also need to sign out on the clipboard if they leave before that period is over.



    If students choose to use the library during Advocacy, they must first pre-sign with the library staff and get their agenda stamped. Then the student reports to their Advocacy class, show their “Pre-signed Stamp” to the Advocacy teacher, before going to the library. Students then get checked-in by library staff and are expected to work quietly and productively. If a student pre-signs with the library and does not show up, their teacher will be notified by email. Students cannot come to the library to hang out with friends or play games. They must come to study.


    Keep it Clean

    It is the student's responsibility to clean after themselves before they leave.





    No food


    Food and Beverages     

    In order to keep our carpet and library space clean, we do not allow food or drinks in the library area. If you must have something to eat or drink during your time in the library, please talk to a library staff so that they can arrange a place for you.



      Right Wrong


    Student Conduct in the Library

    We all know there is the right way and the wrong way to carry ourelves in public, right? Well our behavoir in the library is no different. The North High Library Media Center is a place where people come with their classrooms or independently to quietly work or to check out reading materials. We ask that students keep their voice level down so that they do not disturb others. Students who become loud and unruly, or who are not working, will be asked to leave the library. Violations may result in loss of library privileges. Students who need to work in groups should see library staff.



  • Homework Hotline


    Homework Hotline Helps K-12 Students and Parents

    Open Monday – Thursday from 3:30 – 7:30 p.m. 

    Call 973-4411 or email:

    For more information, visit: 


    Need Help With Microsoft Teams?

     Homework Hotline can assist students through Microsoft Teams. 

    The teacher will send an invitation to a Homework Hotline Team meeting.






    Free Video Maker


    Animoto Videos

    Free Video Maker



    Freeplay Music



    Free Video Music










    Recreational Game Playing

    (cards, chess, etc.)

    Playing games are permitted during the lunch period if students can do so quietly.


    Computer Games

    Educational games on the Internet are permitted, as long as they aren't interactive. (Example:, flash cards for vocabulary enrichment are acceptable.)  If a student is unsure, check with one of the library staff members.  







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