• When faced with the need for support for a concern such as cancer, parenting a difficult child, addiction, disability, or a physical illness, you want to find a group of people who intimately understand how and why you are struggling. Our comprehensive list of local and national support group resources to help you find the right place where your needs can get met.

    Visit http://www.supportgroupsinkansas.org/shn1.0/ for information. 


    United Way of the Plains

    2-1-1 Kansas online can connect you to thousands of nonprofit and government human services across Kansas. For kids. For seniors. For you. Search 2-1-1 Kansas online to find help in your area.



    Kidzcope, a center for grieving children and their families, has been providing peer support groups for children since September of 2000. We believe strongly in the need for support from the very beginning stages of grief, and over the years, we have walked alongside many families on their path of healing.


    NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

    The NAMI Wichita mission is to provide education and support for persons living with metal illness and their families; to provide support for research on brain disorders; and to provide public education and advocacy to promote mental health systems change with the hope that persons with mental illness may achieve the highest qualifty life.  


    MHA of South Central Kansas

    We exist to empower and assist youth, families and adults in South Central Kansas to achieve optimal mental health and wellness through education, advocacy, and service. With your help, we can make a difference. MHA seeks to intervene, treat, and educate those throughout south central Kansas in the many forms that mental illness takes among our families and friends, while doing all that we can to remove the sigma too often associated with mental health.


    Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center

    Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center works with individuals and communities through comprehensive services and education to create a culture of intolerance for sexual violence and an atmosphere of healing for those impacted by it. They also have a 24 hour crisis line. 


    COMCARE of Sedgwick County

    COMCARE of Sedgwick County helps people with mental health and substance abuse needs improve the quality of their lives.

    COMCARE provides a wide array of mental health and substance abuse services to residents of Sedgwick County. 

    Good mental health is as critical as sound physical health. COMCARE serves over 19,000 individuals in the community with the help of community partners.

    As the local mental health authority for Sedgwick County, COMCARE is the safety net for individuals in need of mental health services. COMCARE accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, self-pay and also has a sliding scale fee.