• Students may need a transcript for a variety of reasons. Colleges and universities require an unofficial student transcript when applying to their schools. Most institutions will require an official transcript before a student can be fully admitted to the school. Many scholarship applications will require an unofficial transcript to be sent to their organizations as part of the scholarship application. 

    Current EIA Students:

    If you are an EIA senior and want to send your transcript to colleges or schools that you are applying to, you will utilize Xello. Please request your transcripts using your Xello login. Xello allows you to send your unofficial high school transcript to universities/colleges in the United States for FREE! All transcripts are considered unofficial until you graduate from high school and your transcript shows a graduation date. Colleges require that transcripts be sent digitally directly from EIA to be considered for official use. Xello meets the official sending requirement by post-secondary institutions. Recent graduates, we are able to send your transcript requests in Xello for free until August 1 after your graduation. If it is past August 1, please contact the Student Records Office at www.usd259.org/Page/8826 for more details. Once you have submited the request on Xello, please email the counselor to get it processed.


    Alumni EIA, Wichita Virtual School and Learning2 eSchool: 

    We are no longer able to process transcript requests. Please contact the Student Records Office at www.usd259.org/Page/8826 for more details.