• AVID 2024-2025

    Due to district building closures, AVID will now get to STAY at Mead! We are very excited about this and are working quickly to collect applications from students at both Mead and Jardine, so we can begin the interview process. Please be patient with us as we work to complete this process by mid-May. Students will be notified of their status before the end of the school year.


    North HS, East HS, South HS and Heights HS will also continue to offer the AVID elective. Eighth graders attending those schools should apply for AVID by January 30th or request a special transfer to one of these schools.


    Questions? See Mrs. Aberg, Ms. Epley, Mrs. Olson or Ms. Fuentes if you have questions.



  • AVID Applications - Online Submission

    Online Application

    After gathering the information and completing the pre-application forms that are available in the library, we will begin reviewing student information. Applications are due Friday, April 19, 2024.

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    AVID 7 & 8 - Ms. Olson                                   Ms. Epley
    AVID Excel - Ms. Fuentes                                Ms. Aberg
    Middle School 101 - Ms. Olson


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    Ms. Eustache

  • About AVID
    AVID Curriculum Focuses on WICOR

    WICOR   Writing

    Students who are good writers, know how to ask questions, can work well with others, are organized and can read to create thoughts and ideas are students who are more likley to be successful in college. In the AVID elective class, all student work is focused on these 5 areas in order to help our middle school student become high school ready. In addition, students in AVID will begin to see what college is like, where they might want to go and visit campuses with our ultimate goal to help our students be ready for high school so they can enter and graduate from a 4-year college.


    In addition to the academic focus areas of WICOR, AVID also focuses on helping students discover what their future might look like as college students. AVID students go on field trips to visit college campuses so students can begin to visualize what living and participating on a college campus looks like. Exposing students to a variety of jobs is also a priority for AVID students. We work to have guest speakers share with students about a variety of jobs available to them so they can discover possible job opportunities they may not have known about prior.

  • AVID: Proven Achievement. Lifelong Advantage             WPS AVID